Sabrina is an artist and designer. She uses the means of film, graphics, animation, and illustration amongst other mediums, to question, explore and challenge the status quo. Her most recent work focuses on technological progress and exploring more democratic and inclusive innovation processes. She is currently freelancing as a graphic designer while also working on self-initiated projects.
SKYSHOOTERS Skyshooters is the outcome of a playful approach to finding new uses for an existing technology with already specified means and ends.
The WPI or Workshop for Potential Innovation, actively draws public engagement into alternative innovation processes in order to stimulate public discussion around science and technology. During WPIs we learn, speculate and invent new things.
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Team Roni Ben-Tsruya Natasha Dovhlianok Chuk Cheung
Set up at Gabriel's Wharf (Southbank, London) in 2015, this project is a response to a brief we were given. The brief was to create a site-specific design intervention. We created an installation which allowed for the collecting and sharing of opinions, rants and thoughts of passersby and people working in Gabriel's Wharf. Read More

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