PROJECT LIGHTBLOOM Musician and producer Douglas Pisterman/AMA//MIZU,in collaboration with Bevis Halsey Perry, asked me to design an enclosure for the electronics triggering a biological light source, made up of bioluminiscent algae. The algae is contained in a jar, and lights up when in motion, which is caused by the motor inside the enclosure. The device was used in a musical performance by Doug, at the Albany in Deptford, London. July 2017 Horror Vacui I had the honour to be involved in the making of this short film about the Anthropocene, by Matteo Zamagni. I learned how to rotoscope and make texture maps for 3D environments. Music by TSVI August 2018 For the past five months I worked with the fantastic people at Superflux, as a designer and researcher. May 2018 Some recent drawings. January 2019