We Did Something for Africa (2019)
Collaborative Project with Supervisors James Hillman Camila Monteiro Pereira Elena Hess-Rheingans Yang Li Markel Cormenza Eliza Chojnacka Oriana Persico Salvatore Iaconesi Alessandra Del Nero
This project emerged from a week-long workshop, prompted by SpeculativeEdu, a European initiative concerned with strengthening speculative design education. We were asked to create a future scenario for the rural town of Lushoto, Tanzania - considering factors of climate change - migrations, technology, energy issues, the mutations of cities and work, and the transformation of economy. The brief (and process) introduced a number of questions that focused on the speculative practice itself, which were embodied in the self-reflexive project as it attempted to address current criticisms of speculative design - which largely concern the reinforcement of colonialist and imperialist ways of thinking. The discussion is embodied in the satirical representation of uncritical and constrained approaches in speculative practice, which are unfortunately still common.
Exhibited at RUFA Rome (2019) and BIO26 Ljubljana Biennial of Design (2019/2020)
Workshop of Potential Innovation
Accountability in the Age of AI
Space Debris an analogy