If we presuppose progress as our general trajectory, where should we, the average electronics consumers, alienated by the rapid progress of modern technology, situate ourselves within its cycle? Hannah Arendt argues that technology should be debated in the public realm. I started the WPI to create room for critical conversations regarding technology, in spaces in which these issues are not normally discussed. I experimented with different workshop formats and frameworks, until I found one which sparked the most interesting ideas and thoughts. I created a worksheet, the 'Innovator Log', which serves the purpose of inventing a new use for an already familiar technology, as well as learn about the technology itself - how it works, what it is currently being used for, what are the forecasts for its future, etc. This would then feed into a group conversation and sharing of opinions regarding the technology, as well as the role of technology in a broader sense.
Workshop with a High School Art class.
The second workshop took place at a Viennese organisation, which aids the autonomy of people with disabilities. Among the participants were wheelchair users, of whom most came up with a use which had assistive attributes, or could aid them personally in increasing their autonomy.